Jarvis Accounting have a slightly radical approach to business growth, and it’s all based on this crazy notion that you can’t make good decisions without the right information. From there, we then believe that numbers are only as valuable as their interpretation, and our subsequent ability to see opportunities to both save, and make money for businesses are what set us apart. We pride ourselves in working alongside our clients every step of their commercial journey, with real-world planning, advice, systems implementation, and strategy to ultimately lead them to success. The days of old-school accounting are behind us… it’s our responsibility to keep it that way.

Lets hold hands (In a businessy kind of way)

Lets hold hands (In a businessy kind of way)

There’s a little something we like to refer to in our client relationships called ‘basic
responsibility’. To cut a long story short, we think it’s only right to give your business
every possible chance of success. We do this by working very closely with you
to identify both your threats and weaknesses, and the opportunities present for
future growth. From there, the real fun begins… we work together to identify
issues, develop plans, and generate short and long term strategies that keep
you accountable for ensuring that your business not only operates profitably, but
flourishes beyond expectations. And we like to keep in touch regularly, not only to
check your progress, but to drive you to achieve your goals. Also, because we like a
good chat and a cup of tea.


We all know it’s a dirty three letter word, avoided by countless businesses as they seek to shield themselves from pain… but we’re not so scared. The reality of tax, is that there are many ways we can help you minimise your payments, by structuring your business in the most effective manner. Our specialist advice and planning gives you the peace of mind you need in your business, enabling growth to happen a whole lot faster.

Tax. There, We said it. Now lets do something about it!

Tax. There, We said it. Now lets do something about it!

Technology. Because time is money... Your money.

Because time is money…
Your money.

Like Electronic Salad Tongs, not all technology is worthwhile… but when it comes
to freeing you up to work on your business, making your systems simpler, more
efficient, and more accurate, we like to embrace technology and specialise in
recommending and implementing the best tools available for your business.
From day to day accounting software, right through to systems development,
installation, and training, our advice and support enables you to streamline your
processes, and spend more time doing the things you want to do…like making
salad the old-fashioned way.


Now, call us revolutionaries, but we believe that once you receive your financial statements, you should be able
to use them for something other than filing. We prepare statements that not only enable simple understanding
over a range of areas, but we can then use them to work with you closely to improve the performance of your
business by identifying key areas of opportunity, and putting the right plans in place to reach our goals.

Some accountants just see numbers. We see Opportunities.

Some accountants just see numbers.
We see Opportunities.

We have a radical approach
to business growth:
It’s called informed decision making…

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Don’t ever take a fence
down until you know why
it was put up

– Robert Frost

Latest News
24 Mar 2014

3 Day Weekends!

After trialling daily siestas and personal masseuses, we’ve decided the best way to look after our staff is to give them 3 day weekends. So, we’ve managed to take the balance created in your accounts, and apply it to our own lives. Our new office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm. Although we’re closed on Fridays, you can always contact us if urgent by email info@jarvisaccountants.co.nz or Alan’s cell phone 0273832652 and leave a message.

24 Mar 2013

Welcome to our website

It just so happens that this is our new website! So welcome... feel free to wander around and make yourself at home. The website is the much anticipated and final wheel in the cog of our recent rebranding process, supporting our ongoing efforts to articulate what it is we do, and reflecting who we are as people as well as how we can help your business. Stay tuned, and check back again soon because we

Jarvis Alan

Alan Jarvis
Chartered Accountant, Accredited Business Advisor, Tax Phobia Therapist, Structure Man

Jarvis- Richelle

Richelle Jorgensen
Accredited Business Advisor, Systems Guru, The Other Stuff (and the in-between)

Jarvis- Chirstian

Christian Neilson
Bean Counter, Tax Apprentice, Aspiring Chartered Accountant

Jarvis MJ

MJ Kim
Bean Counter, Technical Detail Apprentice, Aspiring Chartered Accountant

jarvis candice

Candice Clark
Office Superstar, Administration, Payroll Extraordinaire

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Christchurch 8640
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Key Contacts

Alan Jarvis
Business Mentor, Tax Phobia Specialist, Structure Man
T +64 3 366 4600

Richelle Jorgensen
The other stuff (and the in between)